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J. Michael Drozd, President of Eurofins BioDiagnostics, combines executive level business, manufacturing, analytic testing, and entrepreneurial experience.  In his current position, Michael leads Eurofins’ global plant and seed testing division, which includes cannabis testing.  Eurofins is a $3 billion world leader in bio-analytic testing. Prior to Eurofins, Michael served as President and CEO of Aseptia/Wright Foods grew the company >12,000% in 3.5 years to revenues of $30 million / year which was the #1 fastest growing food company in the US, and #15 on Inc. 500.  Aseptia/Wright Foods was recognized as the leading innovation food company in the US by Red Herring and was the winner of the Edison Award.  Prior to Wright Foods, Michael served as Executive Vice-President of CoalTek, the leading clean coal company in the United States as recognized by Going Green, Platt’s, and Red Herring.  Under Michael’s leadership, CoalTek built and operated the largest clean coal process in the world.  Prior to CoalTek, Michael served for 9 years as President and CEO of Industrial Microwave Systems, growing the company to the technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of industrial microwave equipment in the world.  Prior to Industrial Microwave Systems, he served as an Associate for Decision Focus, a management consulting firm specializing in improving corporate profitability.  In 2004, Michael was awarded the Distinguished Young Alumni from Duke University. 

 Michael received his BSE in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Duke University, graduating #2 in his class. He received his Master’s in Optical Engineering from Cambridge University (England) attending as a Churchill Scholar.  He also has a Master’s degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and was an NSF Fellow.  Michael received his Ph.D. from Duke University also as an NSF Fellow.