A nonprofit providing education about the intersection of
cannabis and science


Jordan Wellington, Esq.

​Vice Chair of Community:  Teri Robnett

Matt Goldenberg D.O.
- Medical Consultant

Marty Otanez, PhD

Lori Walker, PhD

J. Michael Drozd

Advisory Committee

​Jenny Aalborg, MPH - Epidemiology Consultant

Dionne Zuniga, PharmD - Pharmacy Consultant, Tri-Lingual Pharmacist

Kathy McCartney, PharmD - Pharmacy & Expert

                                                  Continuing Medical Education Consultant

Adrian Villarreal, DO - Consulting Family Physician

​Our Mission: ​To provide data-driven, evidence-based information on the medical efficacy and risks associated with consumption of cannabis to community members including patients, researchers, and clinicians.



CORE previously stood for Cannabis OutReach and Education.  It has since had a legal name change to CORE for one reason - having the word "cannabis" in the company name evokes thoughts of a bias. As a free-standing nonprofit, we accept donations, apply for grants, and use conference fees to pay our overhead which just breaks even. The people who makeup CORE believe in our mission - everyone deserves access to high quality education. Cost, language, and scientific jargon should not be barriers.

Why does CORE appear to have a positive bias? In short, we follow the recent evidence of cannabis as a medicine as well as a public health concern. As a Colorado-based company, the majority of our science speakers have been local.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has funded seventeen studies to date. The first RFP released by the CDPHE was required to look at positive health outcomes.  They included cannabis for irritable bowel disease, CBD for Parkinson's, PTSD,  adult and Pediatric epilepsy, and pain. (Full list here)
The second and most recent round of funded studies include a larger variety of topics including public health issues such as driving impairment, dabbing impairment, and the adverse effects of edibles, (Full list here)

While CORE does not censor the information provided, we do work closely with speakers and planners to ensure there are no real or apparent conflicts of interest.  If a conflict does exist, we will ensure it is alleviated and disclosed to everyone.

Finally, community members are one of our main audiences.  While many of them come to the table with questions about the science of cannabis, it is an opportunity to engage them in the scientific process. The window of opportunity is open to educate about science - what is it?, what is a "good study"?, and how can they identify evidence-based information? - for those who use cannabis recreationally or medicinally, CORE advocates for including that information when talking to their clinician. But community members (and providers) often need to know how to start the conversation.